Sheridan Park Drive

Class Environmental Assessment Study and Preliminary Design

Ensuring that a community is well engaged with an important road extension project.



City of Mississauga


Mississauga, Ontario

Key Team Members

David Argue, P.Eng., PTOE

Philip Rowe, C.E.T., EP

Project Story

Burnside was retained by the City of Mississauga to complete a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) and preliminary design for the extension of Sheridan Park Drive in the southwest portion of the City.

The study area consists of a variety of land uses, including the Sheridan Park Corporate Centre, the Sheridan Homelands residential neighbourhood, a utility corridor, and a very active multi-use recreational trail.

We facilitated a comprehensive planning and design process in order to explore the opportunity to connect the east and west sections of Sheridan Park Drive, improve the road network connectivity in the residential neighborhood and business area, create options for alternative routes and, improve multi-modal network connectivity. The combination of land uses within the study area gave rise to various stakeholder interests in the study, and we facilitated a comprehensive consultation program to engage the local community, review agencies, and Indigenous communities.

We completed a comprehensive inventory of the natural heritage features and assessed the impacts of the proposed road extension on air quality and noise levels in the area. Furthermore, we worked with the City to develop a context-sensitive design for the road extension that would minimize impacts and enhance the natural features of the area while providing a safe alternative route.

The road design was critical to link the community while respecting natural features and trail users. Two horizontal deflection medians were included in the road design, and the stormwater management plan for these medians included bioretention gardens to increase infiltration and promote low impact development. The road design also included two roundabouts on each end of the link corridor with active transportation integration.

A significant amount of interest in the outcomes of the MCEA were received from three local resident groups, and we undertook several meetings with these groups to work on resolving their concerns. we made adjustments to the future project commitments to address these groups’ concerns, including a commitment to conduct noise level monitoring post-road construction to assess the potential need for noise barriers.

Testimonial - Lin Rogers

Client Testimonial

The Burnside team worked closely with our staff throughout the Environmental Assessment for Sheridan Park Drive process, providing thorough, stable, and consistent support. Though there were several unexpected obstacles, such as several Part II Requests, the team continued to work and support City staff to achieve its goal and final approval of the project. Burnside’s professional and timely commitment to helping us achieve EA approval was exemplary. I can confidently recommend their high quality and professional work.

Lin Rogers Manager, Rapid Transit (HuLRT) Transportation & Works, City of Mississauga
David Argue Headshot

David Argue, P.Eng., PTOE

Vice President - Transportation

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