Committed to Indigenous Communities since 2000

In 2000, we established Neegan Burnside Ltd. as a majority Indigenous-owned engineering and environmental consulting firm committed to working with Indigenous-based clients at the community level and beyond.


Neegan Burnside’s success is demonstrated by having completed well over 1,500 projects for over 300 Indigenous communities and agencies throughout Canada.

We are honored and proud to not only work with, but also employ Indigenous team members, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. These opportunities lead some on the path to working directly for their home community, and others on the path of serving the larger Indigenous community.

Our partnership

Neegan Burnside has a corporate connection with Burnside, operating as a partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous ownership being reciprocal between the two companies, leading to a seamless sharing of human resources and equipment. Thanks to this arrangement, Neegan Burnside can draw from the nearly 400 staff members within Burnside to provide a full suite of technical and administrative services for Indigenous communities.

Neegan Burnside’s key leaders include the following team members:

Discover Neegan Burnside Ltd.

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