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Since 1970, Burnside has been committed to doing quality work in support of environmental and infrastructure projects, while being cognizant of their impacts on Indigenous communities, agencies, and industries.
River Looking Downstream Trees along the Bank
River Looking Downstream Trees along the Bank

Neegan Burnside Ltd., a separate firm integrated with Burnside, was established in 2000 as a majority Indigenous-owned engineering and environmental consulting firm committed to directly serving Indigenous clients and their communities, building on the work that Burnside had started.

In addition to Neegan Burnside’s work, many Burnside projects have Indigenous consultation, engagement, and facilitation components, and our team members work hard to ensure that Indigenous culture, priorities, values, and beliefs are heard and respected throughout each stage of our work. Our staff have engaged numerous Indigenous communities in support of municipal or private sector Burnside projects, and we fully respect and appreciate the importance and needs of these communities.

Burnside team members who have supported projects with an Indigenous consultation component include:

  • Deanna De Forest
  • Jamie Hollingsworth
  • Tricia Radburn
  • Philip Rowe


  • Comprehensive consultation, engagement, and facilitation services for Indigenous communities to ensure that their concerns are heard, understood, respected, recorded, and incorporated into the project solution
  • Development and provision of a framework to municipal and private clients on how best to engage with Indigenous communities
  • Provision of technical resources, meaningful partnership, and capacity alongside Neegan Burnside and their Indigenous clients in the completion of their projects

Recent projects having a strong Indigenous consultation component have included:

  • County of Brant – Landfill expansion Environmental Assessment
  • Town of Halton Hills – Eighth Line Environmental Assessment
  • Town of St. Marys – Landfill expansion Environmental Assessment
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Testimonial - Matthew D'Hondt, C.E.T.

Client Testimonial

Thank you for helping the County of Brant obtain our Environmental Assessment Act, Section 9 Notice of Approval to Proceed with the Undertaking for our Biggars Lane Landfill Expansion. You provided guidance and completed this individual EA by preparing the EA technical studies, developing the EA report, and consulting and negotiating with members of the public, local, regional, provincial, and federal agencies, and Indigenous communities. Throughout the process, Burnside has been responsive to the County’s needs while mindful of our schedule and budget. Your work will serve the County’s waste disposal needs for the next 30 years.

Matthew D'Hondt, C.E.T. Solid Waste / Wastewater Operations Manager, County of Brant
River Looking Downstream Trees along the Bank
Deanna Deforest Photo

Deanna De Forest, B.Sc., EP

Senior Environmental Coordinator

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