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I would characterize the type of work we do and the industry we’re in as the marriage between technical and people, both internally, our staff and our colleagues, but then also the clients we serve. There has been that balance between doing great engineering work but also having fun while we’re while we’re doing it and never forgetting the fact that this is a people business and we have to, you know, maintain that humanity as we do our our engineering.

There’s many ways to actually design a road or design a water treatment plant. You can work in an atmosphere of pressure and you know, stress, or you can actually operate in a in an environment where it’s collegial, you know, it’s positive, and we think the best engineering is done that way. We think the best client service is done that way. We think that that’s the best model for long term work.

We’ve got a lot of great clients, repeat clients that we want to continue to serve and, you know, those are the clients that have been with us through thick and thin. We care not just about what we do on our projects, but how we do them, how we treat each other, how we do things is more important than even what we do.

There’s such an awareness out there from young people about what are we doing in other communities? What what are we doing internationally? How are ways we can truly make a difference? You can have a career working with the first nation communities in northern Canada. You can have a career working with local communities in which we live in southern Ontario.

Even last year, there were guys working in our Collingwood office and I was able to ask them whether they thought that a short term opportunity over in Mozambique, Africa would appeal to them. And they jumped at it. So within Burnside you can actually have many different engineering careers. If your passion is about more than just the intellectual pursuit of of engineering solutions, but it’s coupled with the joy of people and a desire to make an impact in people’s lives, both communities and your colleagues.

If you enjoy people, if you enjoy making a difference, if that’s the reason you got into engineering in the first place, then Burnside would be a great place for you.