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The culture inside is fantastic and we’re very welcoming, nurturing company that I think it encourages proactive growth. If there’s something that you want to get involved in or you want to grow with, everybody’s there to kind of help you along the way. If it’s in line with what we do, even if it’s not in line with what we do, a lot of the times I kind of expand our horizons because of people’s passions, and I think it’s a fantastic place to be, and I’ve certainly been provided immense opportunity to grow and kind of find my path, and I was exposed to I started out with water resources as kind of my fundamental background and where I was heading on stormwater management and it evolved into infrastructure design, it evolved into project management and on and on.

We invest in our juniors and our juniors are our future. And so having a program in place that ensures that they are looked after and that they are exposed technically to things that they should be to become engineers, I think it’s great.

Because we’re multi disciplined, there’s a lot of opportunity to to see where you fit and see where where the opportunity might best suit you. I don’t think coming out of school you necessarily know where you want to head and you can, you can find your path easier that way when the expertize is all there and in front of you and willing to guide you along the way.

I like that challenge. I like the variety and the variability. And when I get exposed here, that’s what’s kept me here for 12.7 years.