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Support for Burnside Mobile is available via email or by phone 1-800-265-9662,
Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. EST through 4:30 p.m. EST.

Requests will be initiated by the customer’s identified support administrator. Ideally, the support administrator will have a good understanding of Burnside Mobile and will be available to the customer’s staff to discuss any issue before escalating it to a Burnside Requests support ticket.

Issues such as the inability to login, missing map layers, or problems saving data are likely to be server related and best addressed by the customer’s, GIS and IT support staff. Issues such as improper sorting in a report, a reoccurring patrol review problem, functionality improvement or suggestions, or issues that cannot be resolved by the customer’s support administrator should be directed to the Burnside support team.

Creating a ticket in the using the Burnside Request site is the preferred way to log a non-critical issue; it is fast, easy, and will put the issue into a queue that is monitored by Burnside support staff. The customer’s support administrator is encouraged to call Burnside support for critical issues that cannot be resolved locally.

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We’d love to exhibit why Burnside Mobile is the right solution for you, and can fully demonstrate the application’s functionality via a web conference to anyone, anywhere. If you would like to see our product in action please contact us.


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