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Arunas Kalinauskas

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Roadway with Sunset

Project Story

In an effort to move from paper records to digital processes, Essex County asked Esri Canada if there was a system that could help the County and their seven local municipalities patrol and inspect their roadway assets to identify and record maintenance items.

Esri Canada facilitated a meeting with Burnside to demonstrate the Burnside Mobile system to County and local municipality staff. Two of the municipalities were using our older system, Route Patrol Manager. For all municipalities, the presentation was an introduction to the web-based Burnside Mobile system.

Burnside Mobile is a modular software platform that uses Esri ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online as a data store, and VertiGIS Geocortex Essentials as an application platform. Burnside Mobile is designed to make sure that identified maintenance items are tracked, allowing the municipality to plan accordingly for their repair before they become a major liability and | or do not meet the municipality’s level of service performance measure.

Shortly after the presentation, the project stakeholders decided to implement the Road Patrol, Winter Patrol and Sidewalk | Trail Patrol modules of Burnside Mobile. The Burnside Mobile application and data tiers were hosted at the County using Geocortex Essentials for the application tier and ArcGIS Enterprise for the data tier for the County and three local municipalities.

Using Burnside Mobile, the County and the local municipalities have not only reduced paper documents, but they have also improved their effectiveness and efficiency in maintaining their roadway assets to the Ontario Regulation 239 maintenance standard, and they can prove it.

Roadway with Sunset

Testimonial - Cathy Paduch

Client Testimonial

Burnside Mobile software is a great and valuable tool for the County of Essex Roads Department that allows the staff to uphold the excellent level of service for our residents and help identify preventative maintenance activities that protect and prolong the life of the County’s road system.

Cathy Paduch GIS Technician, Essex County
Roadway with Sunset
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Arunas Kalinauskas

Business Manager – Asset Management and GIS

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