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Our Barefoot Box Culvert™ is a pre-cast culvert design that combines preformed holes in the bottom slab with strategically placed river stone to maintain thermal conditions, promote groundwater upwelling, and maintain ideal conditions for local aquatic species.


The Barefoot Box Culvert™ can be used for watercourse crossings that range in width from 1 m to 8 m, and can:

  • Support and create sensitive aquatic habitat
  • Create groundwater upwelling opportunities
  • Allow for natural channel design and fish passage
  • Mitigate the loss of groundwater upwelling
  • Allow for suitable embedment and substrate placement
  • Interface with Ecopassages and retaining walls
  • Be accepted and permitted by regulatory agencies
  • Save time and money for design, permitting and construction
  • Improve road safety and timelines for detours

Chris Pfohl, our Senior Aquatic Ecologist is the inventor of the Barefoot Box Culvert™ and can assist with any questions you might have related to your application.

Projects that have successfully integrated the Barefoot Box Culvert™ include:

  • South Innisfil Creek Drain – Channel Improvements (4th Line Culvert – 2022)
  • Melancthon in Brook trout habitat (2 locations)
  • Batteaux Creek tributary (Baffled Barefoot design)
  • Maitland River tributaries (4 locations – cold water tributaries)
  • Huron County (2 locations)
  • Town of Southgate on Upper Saugeen (8m width)
  • King Township (4 locations in 2022)
  • Credit River – SWM outlet on Golf Course
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Barefoot Box Culvert Finished Project from Downstream
Barefoot Box Culvert Installation
Barefoot Box Culvert Testing
Barefoot Box Culvert with Logo Applied to Inside Wall