Riverview Heights Construction

Riverview Heights Various Phase Development

Riverview Heights, located in Brampton, Ontario is a 465 ha Block Plan with a projected population of over 16,500. Great Gulf Homes has the largest landholding in the development with 120 ha of developable land including, 1520 units, multiple school, church, mixed use and commercial blocks and a community park was the primary client.

Burnside was been involved throughout all stages of the project from due diligence, through the planning stages and as the Cost Share Engineers for the Land Owners Group. Burnside completed the Detailed Design and Construction Administration of the Spine Services and was engaged as the civil engineer for the subdivision Detailed Design and Construction Administration for various landowners within the Block.

The Detailed Design and Construction Administration services included:

  • Spine Services including 5,200 m of road, sewer and watermain, a 36 m span bridge, a roundabout and 3 Stormwater Management Ponds with a servicing construction value of over $55,000,000
  • Natural Channel Design for 1.4 km of natural channel within a 30 m wide corridor, designed as “Recovery Habitat” for Redside Dace
  • Subdivision design for 120 ha, 1520 lots over 10 phases, including 2 Stormwater Management Ponds with an estimated servicing and earthworks construction value of $48,000,000

Burnside provided specialty design and permitting expertise in relation to:

  • Ministry of Natural Resources Permitting for Channel, SWM Ponds and multiple crossings of Redside Dace Habitat
  • Design of 3rd Pipe Foundation Drain Collection and Roof Drain Collection Systems to address Environmental requirements
  • Deep trunk sanitary sewer with trenchless connection to Regional Trunk sewer
  • External trunk storm sewer within a Regional Road with multiple outlets to the Credit River
  • Microtunnel installation of trunk Sanitary Sewer under watercourse

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