Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant Odour Impact Assessment

Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) Application

Ensuring odours from the Town's wastewater treatment facility do not adversely impact neighbours.



Town of Orangeville


Orangeville, Ontario

Key Team Members

Harvey Watson, P.Eng.

Project Story

The Town of Orangeville’s Water Pollution Control Plant provides advanced treatment for sanitary wastewater generated by the Town. Burnside was retained to complete the Air Section of the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) Application and the supporting Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling Report, which address potential contaminant and odour impacts on the surrounding area.

To complete the ECA, our team consulted with the client to evaluate their needs and to determine the approval that would best suit their requirements. To eliminate the need for the Town to undergo an additional amendment process in the near future, more stringent Schedule 3 standards were applied prior to the scheduled implementation date.

Current and future odour impacts were modeled using AERMOD (a 3D atmospheric dispersion modeling system) to determine the corresponding odour impacts, allowing for the impact of the new equipment to the facility to be compared to the current situation. The new equipment resulted in lower impacts at all locations around the property, despite the plant’s capacity increase.

Our team prepared the Emissions Summary and Dispersion Modelling report and supplementary documents required for the submission of an Environmental Compliance Approval (Air).

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Harvey Watson, P.Eng.

Manager, Air & Noise

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