Parkside Heights Subdivision Path and Pond
Parkside Heights Subdivision Path and Pond

Parkside Heights Subdivision

Partacc Gate Kennedy Development

Providing a full-service solution to a new Brampton community.

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Partacc Gate Kennedy Developments Inc.


Brampton, Ontario

Key Team Members

Lorena Niemi, P.Eng.

Jackie Shaw, P.Eng.

Parkside Heights Subdivision Path and Pond

Project Story

Burnside was retained by Partacc Gate Kennedy Developments Inc. to complete ecological, hydrogeological and development design services for the Parkside Heights subdivision in the City of Brampton.

We began with the completion of preliminary engineering and site review works to establish the development opportunities and constraints for the site.

Key natural features for the project included a small offline wetland that is part of the Heart Lake Provincially Significant Wetland Complex and a significant groundwater recharge area. Intensive environmental and hydrogeological monitoring was completed during all phases of development to fulfill the requirements of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).

Key monitoring included wetland vegetation monitoring, amphibian breeding call surveys, overwintering turtle basking surveys, wetland water level and groundwater monitoring, SWM pond parameters monitoring, and Low Impact Development (LID) measures performance monitoring.

We also completed the development design and detailed stormwater management for the 360-unit development, including sanitary, water and drainage systems, the provision of a clean water collector system for groundwater recharge, and a roof drain collector system for wetland water balance.

Stormwater management for the development was achieved through a suite of LID approaches with end of pipe dry pond and wetland facilities.

Parkside Heights Subdivision Path and Pond

Testimonial - Mitchell L. Taleski

Client Testimonial

We at Paradise Developments are writing this note to express our sincere gratitude to the Burnside team for their outstanding work on our Parkside Heights Community in Brampton, Ontario. The project, from the beginning, was highly complex due to the unique topography of the site, the Provincially Significant Wetland which needed restoration and long-term preservation, and to manage the engineering concerns of the existing communities located around it. Your attention to detail, creativity, understanding of the complex Planning and Engineering Process and standards in Ontario, coupled with your ability to deliver on several timelines made this a success story. We look forward to working with you and your team again in the future.

Mitchell L. Taleski Senior Project Manager, Paradise Developments
Parkside Heights Subdivision Path and Pond
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Lorena Niemi, P.Eng.

Executive Vice President, Land Development

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