Land Development Ecology

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Burnside’s Land Development Ecology team provides a full suite of ecological services in support of residential, mixed use, and industrial, commercial, and institutional land development projects.

Capabilities and Expertise

Our team works on projects ranging from due diligence investigations in support of land acquisition, through all required field studies, environmental impact studies / environmental monitoring plan reporting, Species at Risk (SAR) permitting and assumption. We evaluate development impacts on aquatic and terrestrial resources, including potential SAR species and their habitat. We also work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure ecological development constraints are identified, along with commensurate mitigation and monitoring plans.

Our Team

Please reach out to Jennifer Szczerbak to discuss your project’s ecology needs in more detail!

Our Projects

Key projects in which our team has been involved include:

  • Mattamy Richmond Green development
  • Mattamy Springwater development
  • Seaton Mulberry development
  • Parkside Heights development
  • Fieldgate Homes Whitby Meadows development



Key services that our team can offer in support of your development project include:
  • Due diligence services
  • Feature assessments and boundary delineation
  • Headwater drainage feature assessments
  • Aquatic habitat assessments
  • Amphibian breeding call surveys
  • Turtle nesting and basking surveys
  • Species at Risk structure surveys
  • Candidate bat maternity roost surveys
  • Species at Risk bat acoustic monitoring
  • Standard breeding bird surveys and Species at Risk bird surveys
  • Wildlife and habitat surveys
  • Ecological Land Classification and botanical inventories
  • Butternut surveys and Butternut Health Assessments
  • Ontario Wetland Evaluation System assessments
  • Arborist services
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals and Species at Risk permitting
  • Environmental monitoring, environmental management, and adaptive management plans
  • GIS mapping and land analysis
  • Peer review services and expert opinion
Wetlands Compensation Pond
Jennifer Szczerbak Headshot

Jennifer Szczerbak, B.Sc., ECPD

Vice President, Ecology, Land Development

Service Contact

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.