North West Fergus Secondary Planning

North West Fergus Secondary Planning

The Storybrook Subdivision is a 98 ha development parcel approved for 1300 units, a school and park block and a channel corridor design located in Fergus, Ontario. Burnside was involved throughout all stages of this project from due diligence, through the secondary and draft planning, including a Class Environmental Assessment for two collector roads as well as completing the Detailed Design and Construction Administration of the Phase 1 of 3 of the subdivision design.

Detailed Design and Construction Administration services included:

  • Subdivision design for 98 ha, 1300 lots over 3 phases, including 2 Stormwater Management Ponds with an estimated servicing and earthworks construction value of $48,500,000
  • Channel Corridor Design for 900 m of channel floodplain within a 67 m wide corridor, intended to reconnect the regional floodline of the channel with the existing low flow component
  • Channel culvert crossing
  • Sewage Pump Station, valued at $2,300,000 to service future and external development areas

Burnside provided specialty design and permitting expertise in relation to:

  • Conservation Authority permitting for channel, stormwater management (SWM) ponds and natural corridor crossings
  • Low Impact Development (LID) measures ensured post development infiltration matches pre-development levels for the groundwater recharge area
  • Design of 3rd pipe foundation drain collection and roof drain collection systems to address environmental and water balance requirements

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