Salt and Sand Storage

MTO Salt and Sand Storage Facility

Burnside provided complete structural engineering, drafting and construction sequencing and review services for a prototypical 142’ diameter structural steel dome to replace a collapsed wood dome that once stood in its place.

One unique challenge of this project was that it was to be supported by the existing concrete foundation. To ensure a successful completion of the work, Burnside provided additional services with the completion of onsite surveying of the existing concrete in order to accurately determine the outside of steel diameter for the superstructure as well as on site layout of the new anchor rods which were drilled into the top of the existing wall.

Burnside worked closely with Van Pelt Construction Inc., James Knight & Associates and We Cover Structures on all aspects of the structure to ensure a well-designed and efficient structure was produced. The first stage of the project was a structural feasibility review of the initial building concept. The feasibility study concluded that the structure could be built within an acceptable budget while meeting the functional objectives of the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for storage buildings of this nature.

Through several design iterations and continuous consultation with the overall project team, a final detailed design was completed consisting of a 24-sided structure uniquely designed to sit on the irregular existing concrete foundation. Challenging design aspects which were overcome included designing a conical roof diaphragm with a cylindrical shear wall system, finite element analysis of the steel compression plug at the peak and detailed connection design for the steel tension ring at the building eaves to facilitate a practical level of installation. Burnside carried the project as lead consultant right through the construction process to completion, including shop drawing review and periodic construction reviews. Thanks to the continuous consultation and open communication with the whole project team, design, fabrication and erection of the building proceeded on time and on budget. Once completed, this building was the first of its kind in Ontario to be used by the MTO for bulk material storage.

Services Provided

  • Structural Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Construction Sequencing and Review


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