Mattamy Whitevale Subdivision

Mattamy Whitevale Subdivision

R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited has been involved as the civil engineer for the Mattamy Whitevale Subdivision throughout all stages of this project from due diligence, through to ongoing detailed design. The site is a 75 ha development parcel approved for 1018 units, including a school and park block. Burnside is currently completing the Detailed Design and Construction Administration of the first two Phases (South and Central), and has prepared an FSR for the Seaton TFPM Inc. Lands (North).

The Detailed Design and Construction Administration services included in Burnside’s work are:

  • Subdivision design for 75 ha, well over 1000 lots over 4 phases, including 3 Stormwater Management Ponds with an estimated servicing and earthworks construction value of $30,000,000
  • 100 year capture and conveyance under Whitevale Road (Regional), including dual drainage modelling
  • Coordination with Whitevale Road Assignment 7C along frontage including over-control in SWM Facilities
  • Stacked local sanitary sewer above a Regional Sanitary Sub-Trunk on local subdivision roads

Burnside provided specialty design and permitting expertise in relation to:

  • Conservation Authority Permitting for SWM Facilities encroaching into NHS and designated habitat corridor and follow-up Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Feature-based Water Balance for designated wetlands and wood lot communities
  • Centralized LID facilities downstream of SWM facilities to achieve 5mm recharge volume requirements with treated runoff

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