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Mattamy Whitevale Subdivision

The Mattamy Whitevale Subdivision, located in Pickering, Ontario is a 75 ha development parcel approved for 1018 units, including a school and park block. Burnside completed the Detailed Design, Construction Administration and Environmental Permitting of the first two Phases (South and Central) and has prepared a Functional Servicing Report (FSR) for the Seaton TFPM Inc. Lands (North).

The Detailed Design and Construction Administration services included:

  • Subdivision design, including 3 Stormwater Management Ponds, developed over 4 phases
  • 100 year capture and conveyance under Whitevale Road (Regional), including dual drainage modelling
  • Coordination with Whitevale Road Assignment 7C, along frontage, including over-control in stormwater management facilities (SWM)
  • Stacked local sanitary sewer above a Regional Sanitary Sub-Trunk on local subdivision roads

Burnside provided Environmental Permitting and additional Design expertise in relation to:

  • Compensation and mitigation strategies were developed through consultation and coordination with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Park (MECP) for Butternuts, Redside Dace, SAR bats and SAR bird species
  • Removal of instream barriers to fish habitat under Whitevale Road to connect tributaries
  • Design consideration for the preservation of Archivable Butternut Habitat
  • ESC inspections and Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Feature-based water balance for designated wetlands and woodlot communities
  • Centralized Low Impact Development (LID) facilities downstream of Stormwater Management facilities to achieve 5mm recharge volume requirements

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