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EA to Expand the Biggars Lane Landfill (Phase 3)

The Biggars Lane Landfill, located at 128 Biggars Lane, Mount Pleasant, is expected to reach capacity in 2023. Knowing their only waste disposal site was nearing the end of its life, the County of Brant began an Individual Environmental Assessment process. Other consultants prepared a scoped Terms of Reference (Phase 1) and laid out the Alternative Methods of Expansion (Phase 2). Burnside was retained to complete Phase 3, the field work and assessment of the Alternative Methods, consultation, and submission of the final Environmental Assessment Report.

Burnside undertook field and desktop studies to assess the preferred Alternative Method for landfill Expansion. With this information in hand, we sought input from review agencies (including the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks) Indigenous communities and the public to select a preferred Alternative. Burnside documented the entire process and submitted the EA Report to the Ministry in January 2021.

Services Provided

  • Atmospheric (noise, vibration, dust, odours) Assessment
  • Economic Assessment
    Geology and Hydrogeology
  • Land Use Planning
  • Leachate Treatment and Disposal
  • Natural Environment (terrestrial and aquatic ecology)
  • Surface Water
  • Technical/Operational (landfill and support facility design)
  • Transportation
  • Agency, Indigenous Community and Public Consultation

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