Burnside Mobile’s Winter Patrol module is designed to collect information on observed winter road conditions before, during, and after a winter event, making it easy for your staff to collect you the information you need.

This module offers the following:

  • Integrated GPS system to track and record the vehicle’s location
  • Use of touchscreen technology to identify where winter road conditions begin and end
  • Generate reports by road, date, and winter road condition
  • Map-based and tabular reports help to demonstrate compliance with Ontario Regulation 239/02, or your municipality’s level of service

How Does it Work?

With iOS or Android devices mounted in the patrolling vehicle, staff select from the winter condition form to identify changing road conditions. Multiple conditions can be recorded at the same time with relevant symbology being displayed on the screen as the patrol progresses.

Winter Maintenance may be used in conjunction with Fleet Tracker’s GPS data, which shows locations of plowing and sanding/ salting, to further demonstrate compliance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards.

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We’d love to exhibit why Burnside Mobile is the right solution for you, and can fully demonstrate the application’s functionality via a web conference to anyone, anywhere. If you would like to see our product in action please contact us.


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