Seaton Mulberry Subdivision Drainage
Seaton Mulberry Subdivision Drainage

Seaton Mulberry Subdivision

Mattamy Development

Providing ecological services for one of the largest multi-use developments in Canada.

Sector:Land Development


Mattamy (Seaton) Limited


Pickering, Ontario

Key Team Members

Jennifer Szczerbak, B.Sc., ECPD

Seaton Mulberry Subdivision Drainage

Project Story

Development is well underway for the Seaton Community, one of the largest combined residential, employment, and commercial developments in Canadian history. Seaton is being designed holistically as a complete community, offering a broad range of housing types, employment lands, and land densities. The City of Pickering has worked closely with the Province and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) to ensure that Seaton is designed to be a sustainable, urban community, with a strong focus on economic development, livability, and the protection of the natural heritage system.  As such, approximately half of the lands will remain green as parks, trails, village squares, and natural areas.

Burnside was retained by Mattamy (Seaton) Limited to provide ecological and monitoring services for the Mattamy Mulberry Subdivision in the Seaton Community.

Our Land Development Ecologists have completed Environmental Impact Studies and constraints analyses and have successfully obtained aquatic and Species at Risk authorizations and/or permitting during all phases of development. These have included Authorizations and Letters of Advice from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Licence to Collect Fish for Scientific Purposes from the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources, and Forestry, Permissions and Compliance for Redside Dace from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks, a TRCA-approved wetland compensation plan, and Species at Risk authorizations and compensation under the Endangered Species Act including Redside Dace, Butternut, Barn Swallow, and Bats.

During construction, we developed an Environmental Monitoring Plan (i.e., Water Quality Monitoring) to be implemented concurrently with Erosion and Sediment Control inspections, to fulfill the requirements of the TRCA and the MECP.

Seaton Mulberry Subdivision Drainage

Testimonial - Andrew Scott

Client Testimonial

Mattamy was happy to work with Jenn and the Ecology Team on our Mulberry Site. The knowledge they bring to the table within the Seaton Community led us to a very successful development.

Andrew Scott Land Development Manager, GTAL Division, Mattamy Corporation
Seaton Mulberry Subdivision Drainage
Jennifer Szczerbak Headshot

Jennifer Szczerbak, B.Sc., ECPD

Vice President, Ecology, Land Development

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