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New VPStoraDomeTM

We recently completed a design/build project for a 100’ diameter VPStoraDomeTM salt/sand storage facility in partnership with Van Pelt Construction Inc. for the City of Windsor with another one slated for next year.

The domes are customizable to incorporate full use of existing entrances, can be built directly on the foundation of your existing conical dome, or on a new foundation at a location of your choosing. They are free of traditional maintenance-heavy asphalt shingles and wood panel systems and large enough to accommodate the largest loading and stockpiling equipment.

Meets and Exceeds industry operational guidelines – Can be designed to meet and exceed MTO standard clearances of 30′ at the eave and 58′ at the peak.

Smaller Footprint than a similar size stockpile of material stored in a rectangular shaped structure

Hot-dipped Galvanized Structural Steel protects against corrosion for a longer lifespan

Several Environmental Options for secondary brine confinement

Circular Shape and Large Doorways allow for easy filling without the need to move conveyors or other loading equipment. Structure can also be designed to support a permanent conveying system mounted internally or externally.

Plywood Liner inhibits bird nesting, protects structural steel and provides a clean and finished look

Flexible Building Geometry allows the building to be customizable to fit your needs.


See the article and video from the Windsor Star highlighting this project through the link below.

New $800k salt dome receives first delivery

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