Heavy Industrial Environmental Compliance Approval

ECA with Limited Operational Flexibility

Helping Procor in the renewal of their Environmental Compliance Approval application process.

Sector:Private Industries & Associations


Procor Limited


Sarnia, Ontario

Key Team Members

Harvey Watson, P.Eng.

Kristina Zeromskiene, Ph.D., LEL

Project Story

Procor Limited operates a rail car cleaning facility in Sarnia, Ontario, located in an area zoned industrial and surrounded by a variety of similar facilities and agricultural fields.

Burnside was retained by Procor to assist in the renewal of their Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) application process. It was determined that an ECA with Limited Operational Flexibility was the best option for Procor, as it allowed for changes to be made at the facility without going through an entire application process each time a rail car containing a new commodity was considered by the sales department.

As part of the application process, all on-site sources were examined and updated. Because the contents of the rail cars varied widely, Procor had a long list of contaminants to address. The maximum point of impingement (POI) concentration for each significant contaminant emitted from the site was calculated, based on the calculated emission rates and the output from the AERMOD air dispersion model. All POI concentrations were compared against applicable Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks criteria for compliance.

An Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling (ESDM) report was prepared in accordance with s.26 of O. Reg. 419/05. The ESDM report and Acoustic Assessment Report, including all the required supplementary information, were prepared in support of an ECA with Limited Operational Flexibility, and the Ministry issued an amended ECA for the site.

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Harvey Watson, P.Eng.

Manager, Air & Noise

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