Our Team

Vito Cirone, EP

Senior Vice President, Private Clients

My Role and Responsibilities

My name is Vito, and I am Burnside’s Senior Vice President, Private Clients, in charge of managing our wide array of clients in the private sector, including agriculture, condominium and property managers, golf courses, manufacturers, and resorts.

My work focuses on the golf industry, where I have been involved in over 300 golf projects relating to water management and environmental consulting. I am responsible for all aspects of project management, including proposal preparation, report writing, client liaison, budget control, and liaisons with regulatory agencies.

I have also been involved in completing environmental audits and assessments, and I have received formal environmental auditor training under ISO 14001. I am also an accomplished writer, having authored numerous articles on golf course development and environmental planning for several Canadian golf magazines.

My Interests and Hobbies

When not at work, you are likely to find me spending time outdoors with my family, and with a fishing rod or golf club in my hand!