Our Team

Peter Mensinga, P.Eng.

Manager, Building Restoration

My Role and Responsibilities

My name is Peter, and I’m Burnside’s Manager of Building Restoration. From a young age I have been interested in buildings and architecture, and I pursued these interests through undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and building science. My graduate thesis involved the development of a test method that identifies when freeze-thaw damage occurs in brick masonry, and a refined version of this test method is still being used today by material laboratories in Canada.

I joined Burnside in 2014 after working in consulting engineering and became Manager of the Building Restoration group in 2017. I primarily focus on two areas: capital planning and building restoration.

Capital planning assists building owners (i.e., private companies, condominium corporations, municipalities) in forecasting the cost and timing of repairs needed to maintain their buildings. We work with our Mechanical and Electrical teams to review the entire building, break it into its components and develop the plan with our client.

On building restoration projects, we typically start by reviewing a specific building component (i.e., roofs, parking garages, balconies, cladding) to identify deterioration, its causes, and present a range of repair solutions. We then work with our client to prepare repair specifications and review repair work on-site to check that it is being completed to specifications.

My Memberships, Interests, and Hobbies

I am a member of the Ontario Building Envelope Council and a licensed engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario.

My interests outside of work include golf, kayaking, downhill skiing, and hiking and biking the many trails available in Simcoe County with his family. When needing downtime, I enjoy reading history and playing board games with family & friends.