Our Team

Kristina Zeromskiene, Ph.D., LEL

Senior Air and Noise Scientist

My Role and Responsibilities

My name is Kristina, and I am Burnside’s Senior Air and Noise Scientist with a Limited Engineering License in air quality and noise disciplines. I am experienced with Environmental Assessments for transportation in rural and urban settings as well as waste management, and aggregate extraction industries. I have prepared multiple industrial approvals and emission inventories for facilities within manufacturing, waste management, and power generation sectors. I have advanced skills in atmospheric dispersion modelling systems, and I have reviewed and assisted multiple clients in emission assessments and reporting to federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

I am also experienced in industry and transportation related noise assessments, and I am proficient in software packages for environmental stationary and transportation noise projects. I have completed noise impact assessments for road improvements, commercial, industrial, and residential developments, and aggregate extraction activities in Ontario. I have completed multiple air quality and noise assessments, have obtained approvals for industrial and commercial facilities, and I am very knowledgeable in Ontario regulations and guidelines.

I am also Burnside’s primary air, odour, noise, and vibration reviewer, having reviewed close to 300 distinct air and noise impact assessments for commercial, residential, mixed use, and institutional developments, as well as landfill and aggregate extraction operations.

My Interests and Hobbies

I am an outdoors person and I love spending time in the woods and on the water. When not working, I am most likely camping, hiking with my family or paddleboarding with my best buddy | dog, Taco.