Our Team

James (Jamie) Hollingsworth, P.Eng.

Technical Leader, Solid Waste Management

My Role and Responsibilities

My name is Jamie, and I am Burnside’s Technical Leader for Solid Waste Management. With over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of solid waste engineering, I have led projects and peer reviews for planning, approvals, design, construction, operations, closure, and post-closure care.

Working with sites dealing with only a few tonnes per week to more than 2,000 tonnes per day, my work has improved capacity and operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts, liabilities, and costs. I have successfully completed numerous Canadian and International projects involving multidisciplinary teams, providing project management, technical direction, and expertise.

Since 2000, I have led Burnside’s Landfill Operator Training Course, provided client-specific training, and conducted similar courses for landfill managers, equipment operators, and environmental regulators overseas. Furthermore, in 2020, I prepared and presented a webinar for the Ontario Waste Management Association on daily and long-term landfill management.

I have also obtained many municipal approvals for Zoning By-law Amendments (ZBA) and Site Plan Approvals (SPA), and in some instances, I have developed creative plans and negotiated approvals for sites that could not otherwise meet municipal standards.

My Professional Associations

I am designated as a Consulting Engineer by Professional Engineers Ontario, and I am an active member of the Ontario Waste Management Association, serving on the Extended Producer Responsibility and Recycling Committee, as well as the Operations Committee.