Our Team

Harvey Watson, P.Eng.

Manager, Air & Noise

My Role and Responsibilities

My name is Harvey, and I am the Manager of the Air and Noise group at Burnside. I have been involved in the Air and Noise Approvals industry since 2002, drawing from my experience in programming, process improvement, biotechnology, and telecommunications. My Chemical Engineering background fit well with the industry and the need for emission rate estimates that were related to the processes at the facility. I developed a standardized Microsoft Excel template that ensures that the standard calculations are always done correctly and provides the Ministry-required tables in the correct format.

I have prepared a wide range of applications during my tenure, from a multinational railcar repair facility at all their sites across Canada, to a small company that makes floor paint. Industries served have included animal pharmaceuticals, bakeries, chemical refining, airplane landing gear heat treating, ink manufacturing, printers, and paint manufacturing. Acoustic projects have ranged from severing residential properties to large surveys and condominium towers to compliance of industrial facilities.

My Interests and Hobbies

Outside of work, I have been involved in medieval historical recreation activities like sword fighting, archery, and lucet cord making.