Our Team

David Hopkins, P.Geo.

Senior Hydrogeologist

My Role and Responsibilities

My name is David, and I am a professional Geoscientist with a focus on hydrogeological projects for municipal clients, which include landfill monitoring, municipal well construction, peer reviews of aggregate extraction | developments, and water quality | quantity monitoring in support of Permits to Take Water.

Burnside had a small hydrogeology group when I joined the company in 1993, but over time we developed our group into a leading expert in the hydrogeology field, securing long-term water monitoring projects with Durham and Waterloo Region, and completing Groundwater under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GUDI) studies for municipal wells throughout Ontario, following the Walkerton crisis.

Currently, I spend much of my time providing peer review services to municipal clients, and quality assurance and control for annual monitoring reports. However, I still enjoy getting involved in water supply projects for such clients as the Town of Grand Valley and Durham Region.

My Interests and Hobbies

Now that my wife and I are no longer driving kids to basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and dance, we are operating at a slower pace. I have (a bit more) time to pursue interests in old cars, vintage stereo equipment, weather, playing golf, visiting family and friends, and puttering around.