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Video: Jackie Shaw - Job Satisfaction
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I find the main benefit of Burnside is the training. My old job is kind of thrown out there and kind of winging it and here a much stronger training program and mentorship. We work very closely together and it’s been great. I mean, my boss just been a great mentor for me. I’ve learned a ton from her and she’s just very supportive and always, always there for questions and always has time for whatever I need and always takes time out to teach and mentor me, I guess, and looks towards my future, how things are. It’s not just about getting this project done it’s how is this going to benefit me in the long run in my career, which I find is great.

I know with my previous job, I was kind of, I felt a little lost and didn’t really have a direct supervisor who I could turn to, which I found very difficult and very stressful when you’re right out of school and don’t really know what you’re doing. It’s more you’re just filling a hole to get the work done, as opposed to we want to train you and develop you into a good employee and a good engineer and a well-rounded person. It might be more beneficial if I just did the same thing and be really efficient in doing this one thing all the time, but it doesn’t help me in the long run and the company sees that, though it helps my career as well as helping the company.

Keeping your employees happy is what’s going to make them work hard, So they want to work hard and want to be there as opposed to being forced to do it and just giving you the flexibility to have a personal life and do the things you want to do so you can be a well-rounded, happy person and that will reflect in your work.