Job Satisfaction


Burnside believes that mentoring employees not only provides a higher level of training, but also achieves greater job satisfaction.

“The main benefit of Burnside is the training. We all work very closely together. My boss is a great mentor to me, and I have learned a ton from her. She’s very supportive and always there for questions – she always takes time out to teach and mentor me and looks to my future and how what I learn is going to benefit me, and my career.”

“In my old job I was just thrown out there and winging it – I was a little lost – I was just filling a hole to get the work done. At Burnside they actually want to train you to become a good employee and a good engineer and a well-rounded person.”

“Keeping your employees happy is what’s going to make them work hard and want to work heard instead of being forced to do it. Giving you the flexibility to have a personal life to do the things you want to do to be a well rounded person.”

Burnside is job satisfaction.


Jackie Shaw, P.Eng.


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