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Video: Chris Knechtel - A Perfect Fit
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I started my co-op with Burnside doing infrastructure, learning how things get built how things get put in the ground and how everything works. I was fortunate enough to get mentored under a structural bridge engineer. I’m working at the moment on various bridge projects, getting them underway for this construction season, and a lot of the stuff I do is out in the field where the bridges are being built, so I get to go out, inspect the projects and make sure everything’s going according to our design. And then the other half of the time, I’m in the office getting the ball rolling so that these bridges can be built so, I don’t have a typical day, which is one of my favorite things about working at Burnside, I don’t just do one thing every day.

The social side of the company, it’s I’ve never heard of a company that has stuff like Burnside does. I’m actually part of the Social Committee in Orangeville, and I’m in the midst right now of arranging a trip down to the Blue Jays game. We’re going down. We’re sitting in prime seats and it’s going to cost everyone 30 bucks. It’s a great atmosphere that it creates at work because it really does feel like a family.

The people here is my favorite part. That’s, in my opinion, the best part of the company. Just fantastic. They go out of the way to do anything for you, and if you ever had a question, here’s something you would never, ever have to worry about, kind of being nervous and scared. They are so approachable and everything, and the wealth of knowledge is so great that I have no problem anytime.

Burnside understands that everyone has a family, and family should be put first. If you have an appointment in the morning, you can come in at ten. You just stay a little later. It’s the flexibility that Burnside brings. It’s the potential for so much growth through your professional career and all the knowledge it’s. But mainly it’s the culture, it’s the family atmosphere. It’s the team atmosphere. You become part of the Burnside team when you work here. I’ve said this to a million different people on how fortunate I am to be working for a company that treats their employees so well. Right from when I got hired, I planned on staying with Burnside. It literally is the perfect company for me.