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It's time to make a real impact

Work with us to create innovative structures and solutions, clean up and improve the environment, and provide clean drinking water to communities.

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Philip Rowe Headshot

Phillip Rowe, C.E.T., EP

Senior Vice President

"Burnside is a unique and caring place that encourages and supports [mentorship]. Sharing our knowledge, supporting our young professionals, and caring about the growth and well-being of our colleagues are the hallmarks of our values and practices."

Lorena Niemi Headshot

Lorena Niemi, P.Eng.

Executive Vice President, Land Development

"I’ve certainly been provided immense opportunity to grow and find my path. Because we are multi-disciplined, there is a lot of opportunity to see where you might fit."

Jackie Shaw Headshot

Jackie Shaw, P.Eng.

Groundwater Resources Engineer

“The main benefit of Burnside is the training. We all work very closely together. My boss is a great mentor to me, and I have learned a ton from her. She’s very supportive and always there for questions – she always takes time out to teach and mentor me and looks to my future and how what I learn is going to benefit me, and my career.”

Community initiatives

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We give back and get involved in the places we work to make a meaningful impact.

Our community
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Meet our partners

Neegan Burnside

Neegan Burnside Ltd. is a majority Indigenous-owned engineering and environmental services firm. We are committed to assisting Aboriginal (First Nation, Métis and Inuit) communities, agencies and industries to meet their development and economic goals.

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Sioux Lookout Hospital

Well Initiatives

Well Initiatives Limited is a licensed well contractor that owns and operates the specialized drill rigs, cranes, downhole video cameras and support equipment. We also complete diagnostics and maintenance of existing wells that require regular maintenance.

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Well Drilling Rig on Construction Site

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Burnside Mobile records, reports, communicates and closes out maintenance items, bringing your entire GIS-based patrolling | inspections together. The result? Improved quality, less time, less risk.

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Burnside Mobile Devices

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Over the past two years, Burnside has designed and built a unique pre-cast option for culverts that can improve existing conditions for aquatic life.

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