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Water Supply in Construction

Construction Supervision of a new Drinking Water Supply System for the Town of Gode in Ethiopia
April 2021 Update

Since 2018, R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited in Joint Venture with MS Consultancy (Ethiopia) has been working on a project for the Gode Town Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project – Consultancy Services for Design Review, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration. We are currently carrying out the construction supervision and contract administration.

Our client is the Somali Regional State, Water Resource Development Bureau. Funding for the project is provided by the African Development Bank and the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

Gode Town is a small town with about 75,000 people, located in the eastern part of Ethiopia, about 100 km away from the border with Somalia. The Gode Region was severely impacted by the war with Somalia up to 1980 and with the famines in 1981 and 1991, prompting the United Nations to intervene with aid for up to 100,000 refugees. Gode has a hot and dry desert climate with an average temperature of approximately 30°C with temperatures sometimes going into the 40s. The existing water supply system dates back to 1996 and serves around 30% of the population with a piped network, but with unreliable and very poor-quality service. The source for water is the Shebelle River, a large river with turbidity levels of over 20,000 NTU. Many past attempts to improve the water supply services failed for different reasons, but mainly as a result of the use of inadequate technology. Studies were carried out to improve the systems as recently as 2012 and 2014, but they were also incomplete and inadequate.

Gode Project - Dam

Now Burnside and MSC have an opportunity to make a difference, having completed a new design in 2018. The water system consists of a river intake, a conventional water treatment facility (coagulation, flocculation, media filtration, disinfection ), two main pumping stations, two ground reservoirs, two elevated reservoirs, 9 km of transmission mains and 46 km of distribution network, all designed for a daily demand of 8,300 m³/day for a 10-year design period and 15,000 m³/day for the 20-year design period. Our contract includes construction supervision and contract administration services which started in June 2019 and are expected to be completed by June 2021. Gode is in one of the poorest, least developed and challenging places where our staff have worked, with very poor infrastructure and services, and with dirt roads and donkeys prevailing the scenery.

Burnside looks forward to the day when the residents of Gode can turn on the tap and be provided with a new, reliable and high-quality drinking water supply system.

Gode Project

Gode Project

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