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York Downs Hydrogeological Assessment

Burnside completed a hydrogeological assessment in support of the proposed development of the 168 ha York Downs Golf and Country Club property in the City of Markham.  

The proposed land use change was to residential subdivision development with a mix of residential, mixed use, open space blocks, school blocks, parks and SWM ponds.   The Development Hydrogeology team at Burnside worked to provide a comprehensive assessment of the soil, groundwater and surface water conditions on the property, and characterize the groundwater/surface water interactions and potential development impacts to the water balance.  We worked with the geotechnical and engineering teams for input into low impact development measures, and obtained permits to take water for construction dewatering.  Centrally located on the tablelands was a 0.43 ha wetland staked by the MNRF; however, the status on whether it should be included as part of a Provincially Significant Wetland complex and deemed undevelopable was undecided.  Burnside completed detailed assessment and monitoring of the feature to characterize the hydrogeological and hydrological functions and successfully provided rationale for feature removal and replication to an area adjacent to the existing Natural Heritage System.  The wetland removal provided substantial benefit to the project, providing an additional $10-$15M in developable land.

  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing
  • Hydrogeological assessment and water balance
  • Detailed wetland assessment
  • Infiltration testing and input to Low Impact Development strategy
  • Application for a Permit to Take Water for construction dewatering

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