Grand Bend Wind Farm

Wind Farm

The Grand Bend Wind Farm is located in Huron County, Ontario, Canada consisting of 40 wind turbines on agricultural land and spanning the lower-tier municipalities of Bluewater and Huron South. Portions of the 32 km underground 230 kV transmission line also traverse the municipality of Huron East and municipality of West Perth in Perth County.

Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership, c/o Northland Power Inc., has now completed construction of the 100 MW, Class 4 wind facility under Ontario Regulation 359/09 of the Environmental Protection Act. This project will contribute to Northland Power’s current portfolio of approximately 1,340 MW of clean and green power generation projects mainly in Canada, but also off shore facilities in the Netherlands and Germany.

Electricity from the Grand Bend project is expected to power the equivalent of 29,000 homes for at least 20 years and will be connected to the provincial 230 kV grid, south of the Seaforth Transformer Station. Electricity generated at each 2.48 MW wind turbine will be distributed through the installation of a new 36 kV collector system, transformer substation and a 230 kV transmission line all located underground along municipal road right-of-ways.

Services Provided

  • Renewable Energy Approval (REA, O.Reg. 359/09)
  • Turbine Siting Constraints Analysis
  • GIS Mapping, Data Analysis and Noise Receptor Identification
  • Public / Agency / Aboriginal / Stakeholder Consultation
  • Natural Heritage Assessment and Reports
  • Bird and Bat Surveys
  • Fish Inventories and Habitat Assessments
  • Water Assessment and Water Body Report
  • Archaeological Investigations and Reports
  • Cultural Investigations and Reports
  • Project Description and Wind Turbine Specification Reports
  • Construction, Design & Operation, and Decommissioning Reports
  • Site Plan Preparation
  • Property Line Setback Assessment
  • Noise Assessment
  • Broadcast Interference Investigation and Report
  • Visual Simulation
  • Preliminary Design (Access Roads, Culverts, Structural Foundations)
  • Drainage Approvals (Municipal Drains and Natural Watercourses)
  • Endangered Species Act Approvals
  • Petroleum Resource Engineer’s Report
  • Road Condition Assessment and Reporting
  • Landowner Liaison
  • Access Road and Agricultural Issues Assessment
  • Field Surveying
  • Domestic Content Reporting

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