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Canoe North Adventures (CNA) is an award-winning adventure travel company based in Orangeville, Ontario and Norman Wells Yukon, Canada. CNA has been fulfilling wilderness-canoeing dreams since 1987, with paddling experience spanning over 30,000 river miles on northern rivers in Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

CNA’s clients had been requesting mapping of the adventure routes to take with them in the field as a basic navigation aid. 21st century infrastructure and technology are hard to come by in Canada’s extreme north, which meant an internet (cloud) based solution wasn’t an option. Other computerized solutions were also ruled out as CNA’s clients are typically trying to get away from technology – at least for a while.

Burnside was commissioned to provide comprehensive mapping covering a large portion of the Horton River; from Horton Lake in the south, all the way to the river’s terminus at the Beaufort Sea to the North, using predominantly open source data. Burnside was able to produce a detailed, consistent and high quality product while working within a modest budget.

Services Provided:

  • Client Consultation
  • Mapping Production
  • Printing and Shipping


Canoe North Adventures Mapping

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