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Development Hydrogeology

Burnside provides a full range of hydrogeological services in support of land development projects ranging from large scale Secondary Plan/Subwatershed Study level studies, through Block Plan/MESP, subsequent study levels (e.g., EIR/EMP/FSS) and detailed design.  We assess development impacts on local water resources, including aquifers, watercourses and wetlands and work frequently with multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental teams to ensure groundwater constraints for development are identified along with appropriate mitigation measures and monitoring programs.

Our hydrogeology services include:

  • Characterization of baseline soil, groundwater and surface water conditions, including mapping of flow conditions, depth to water table and stratigraphy
  • Wetland assessments (hydroperiod monitoring, groundwater/surface water interaction analyses)
  • Hydraulic conductivity and infiltration testing; input to the design of LID measures for subsurface infiltration
  • Water sampling and quality assessments
  • Water balance calculations (pre, post and post-development with LID measures)
  • Groundwater resource exploration, water supply development
  • Pumping tests, interference assessments
  • Private well surveys and monitoring programs
  • Groundwater monitoring programs (pre, during and post construction)
  • Regulatory approvals and permitting – PTTW/EASR applications, monitoring and reporting
  • Dewatering assessments and Groundwater Management Plans for construction dewatering
  • Peer Review and Expert Witness Services

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