Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Scenic Caves Nature Adventure promotes tourism in the Georgian Bay area. It offers diverse activities: exploring the caves and crevices of Blue Mountain, hiking trails amidst the biosphere of the Escarpment, mini-golf, gemstone mining, and tales of the Huronians. Seeking to expand their operations, Scenic Caves envisioned a pedestrian suspension bridge, highlighting the dramatic beauty of the Niagara Escarpment and Georgian Bay.

Embracing the vision of the Scenic Caves and understanding the distinct needs of the project was Burnside’s strengths in our approach to the work. Creativity was required both in the design and the construction of the suspension bridge due to the dramatic countryside where it was being built. The bridge measures 126 m in length and is 300 m above the valley floor (300 m above Georgian Bay). The bridge is supported by two 11.5 m steel towers, attached to stay anchors embedded in 40 cubic meter foundations.

The largest footbridge in Ontario was completed on time and within budget. Scenic Caves is thrilled to promote their pedestrian bridge – as the fourth largest suspension bridge in North America. Stretching across the Georgian Bay skyline the bridge design compliments the beauty of the surrounding creation. Its awe-inspiring view encompasses over 10,000 square kilometers. This latest attraction is drawing many people, instilling pride in the locals and admiration from visitors.

Services Provided

  • Bridge Design
  • Project Management
  • Site Inspection


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