Storybrook Nigus


The Storybrook-Nigus lands are a 98 ha block located on the outskirts of Fergus (Wellington County).  

Burnside was retained to complete a hydrogeological assessment in support of the proposed development that included a mix of residential, open space blocks, school blocks, parks and SWM ponds.   The lands are challenging for development as they are adjacent to an existing wetland, crossed by a municipal drain and an agricultural tile drain system, and shallow groundwater conditions were found across the block.  Burnside compiled background information and prepared a comprehensive assessment of the soil, groundwater and surface water conditions on the lands.  Source water protection concerns were addressed in our studies as a part of the lands are located in a wellhead protection area.  We provided input to the design of a foundation drain collector system to address the seasonally high groundwater conditions around foundations, and obtained permits to take water from the MECP in support of site servicing and the building of a new wastewater pumping plant.  Throughout the project, the hydrogeology team worked with the Grand River Conservation Authority and the design engineers to evaluate the impact of development on the water balance and to estimate the effectiveness of various low impact development measures.  Continued monitoring is required through build-out and Burnside provides ongoing monitoring as well as annual reporting to the municipality.

  • Hydrogeological characterization of site
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Development impact assessment – water balance
  • Input to design and assessment of foundation drain collector system
  • Application for a Permit to Take Water for construction dewatering

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