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Solid Waste Solutions

The Perth Landfill, in operation since 1968, serves the Town’s 6,000 residents, local industries, businesses, and institutions. The landfill has been upgraded over time to include a scale system and public drop off area. A residential composting facility was added in 2008 with assistance from Burnside.

Separately, the Ministry of the Environment (MOECC) asked the Town assess the site’s approved capacity. Burnside completed this work, finding an approved capacity of 374,700 m3 though the site had 516,100 m3 of waste and daily cover by the end of 2012. Burnside worked with the Town to develop short and long-term options for solid waste disposal – work that was critical to the Ministry’s acceptance of an implementation program to secure future waste disposal.

Specifically, Burnside:

  • Updated the site’s design and operations plan to allow interim operation of the Town’s landfill while seeking Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) approval for expanded capacity.
  • Assumed responsibility for the site’s annual monitoring program.
  • Completed an Environmental Screening Process under the EAA, securing a 100,000 m3 expansion of the site. This is expected to provide the Town with disposal capacity through 2031.

Burnside worked with the Town, the MOECC and the MNRF to secure an updated Environmental Compliance Approval and an Endangered Species Act Overall Benefit Permit for the expanded landfill site. This work included the development of the expansion footprint, remediation of existing site impacts and work to protect and enhance sensitive habitat surrounding the landfill.

Services Provided

  • Determined theoretical and existing landfill capacity
  • Developed short and long-term disposal alternatives
  • Negotiated implementation of the Town’s preferred alternatives
  • Interim Capacity Application, including Design, Operations and Training
  • Environmental Screening Process for landfill expansion
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Biology
  • Air and Noise Emissions
  • Economic Assessment
  • Visual Impacts
  • Hydrogeological Assessment
  • Site Design and Operations Concepts
  • Annual Landfill Monitoring and Reporting


Town of Perth Solid Waste Solutions    Town of Perth Solid Waste Solutions

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