Sothgate Solid Waste Facility

Solid Waste Management Solution

The Township of Southgate was facing a solid waste management crisis; they sought to reduce and manage the large amount of waste being generated. Common to many rural municipalities, Southgate required a solution that would meet its limited budget, provide equitable services to all residents and be environmentally responsible.

GIS formed a vital part of this process by providing the solution to visualizing the demographics and transport infrastructure in the township.

During the planning phases of this project, the use the GIS involved the analysis of property data to assess the amount of waste generated by each property via its land use and the number and type of buildings present, and whether it is occupied all year round. This was evaluated against potential scenarios involving different options for solid management involving transfer stations, curb-site pickup, and several variations. Different routing and proximity analysis options were also evaluated via the GIS to help planners visualize the most cost efficient options. During the implementation phase of the project, GIS was used to plan and track the delivery of the three waste management carts to each business and resident.

Traditionally, GIS has been a planning tool and its employment in this project proved that in its most basic function, GIS is the best choice for managing data that has a spatial component. Without it, the simple question of “Who and what is where?” and “How do they relate?” could not have been answered in a way that was easily understandable to all involved in the project. It allowed for a more effective evaluation of the different options available and ensured that the best were chosen. Overall, the cost for delivery services has been reduced by 25%.

Services Provided:

  • Property and Land-Use Mapping
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Routing of Curb-Side Pickup
  • Hydrogeological Evaluation of the Landfill Site
  • Management of Waste Cart Delivery


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