Town of Mono - Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Project

During 2013, the Town of Mono, successfully obtained a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) contract from the Ontario Power Authority (now IESO) for the development of a 100 kW rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Following the FIT contract award, a number of solar providers approached the Town to develop or purchase this system. The project’s objective was to ensure the system would provide economic benefits to the municipality and its constituents, and contribute to the needed development of renewable energy generation in Ontario.

Burnside was retained to undertake a preliminary design of the PV layout as well as a structural assessment of the public works building. The purpose of the assessment was to determine if the roof area available could support at least 75% of the proposed 100 kW solar system. Burnside’s structural assessment determined that the existing building could support the solar system with some limited structural enhancements and as part of the work, a report detailing some cost effective structural design enhancements was provided to the Town.

Ensuring due diligence, Burnside was also asked to prepare a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) to be issued to contractors complete with the appropriate guarantees that the system would perform to the high standards set by Burnside in the RFP. The RFP required bidders to provide electrical and financial modeling information for Burnside’s review to confirm the economic viability of the project over its projected 20-year life. The RFP also included requirements concerning system operations, monitoring and training.

Burnside reviewed bidder submissions and provided recommendations to the Town. The due diligence work undertaken by Burnside helped to ensure that the solar PV system selected would meet long-term revenue expectations and performance standards.

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Structural Assessment
  • Structural Design
  • Request for Proposal ( RFP) Development
  • RFP Bidder Review
  • Construction Contract Review Services
  • Electrical Review Services

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