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Our Own WLI Champion

Each year, a few of the most influential women in the Toronto real estate community are selected by the Toronto Chapter as WLI Champions for their leadership and skill in real estate development, land use and city-building.

WLI Champion members are nominated and selected based on a diverse set of criteria:

  • A minimum 10 years in the industry
  • Exceptional leadership and skills in the real estate development and land use disciplines
  • Dedication to, and success at, building thriving communities across the Toronto region
  • Capacity to inspire others in the industry
  • Commitment to their community shown through leadership in community organizations

We at Burnside would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Lorena Niemi for her nomination to and acceptance as a WLI Champion.

For Lorena’s profile and further information with regards to the Women’s Leadership Initiative, please visit the the WLI Champions website.

Lorena Niemi – WLI Champion

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