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OACETT – Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

Chris has more than 23 years of experience in the environmental field with demonstrated capabilities in ecological and habitat assessment, mitigation development, aquatic habitat restoration, species at risk stewardship, environmental monitoring and protection.

He has worked with various clients across Canada and internationally on a broad range of projects within the transportation, green energy, infrastructure, mining, and development sector.

Currently, Chris is the senior aquatic ecologist here at Burnside. Recently, he recognized alternative methods were required to replicate and enhance existing conditions for aquatic life when replacing watercourse crossings, which fueled Burnside’s creation of the Patent Pending Barefoot Box CulvertTM, a project he championed. The Barefoot Box CulvertTM involved the replacement of degraded three-meter cast-in-place open bottom culverts with significant ecological considerations in Shelburne, Ontario, on the headwaters of Pine River.

The uniquely designed culvert allows groundwater discharge and embedment to accommodate a meandering low flow channel within the natural substrate, improving the conditions for aquatic life. Even more, the culvert adjusts groundwater upwelling while maintaining thermal conditions vital to brook trout. The new structure upgraded the culvert to current standards considering safety, geometry, road grades and load capacity. Also, it has led to other suitable culvert replacement projects with the Barefoot Box CulvertTM design at 10 locations across Canada.

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