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Welcome Sid Vander Veen

If you were to ask 10 rural municipalities in Ontario the name of the person that they most associate with Municipal Drainage, it is likely that most of them would name Sid Vander Veen. We are very happy to announce that Mr. Vander Veen has joined our Burnside team.

Since 1991 Sid has held the position of Drainage Coordinator with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. He has been the go-to person for all projects in Ontario that have been undertaken in accordance with the Municipal Drainage Act. He has taught the municipal drainage course for many years which has introduced him to drainage superintendents throughout the province, as well as to others who are active in municipal drainage.

In an industry that often deals with conflict and strong opinions of opposing views, Sid has earned a reputation for having the integrity, knowledge and tact to help navigate towards solutions. With his recent retirement from his position at the province we are delighted that he will be joining Burnside. Sid will help to mentor our junior staff, provide technical and strategic assistance to all of our drainage engineers, participate in quality control, and provide services directly to his own clientele. We look forward to the contributions that he will be making to the team.

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