Godey Town Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project

Consulting Services for Design Review, Construction Supervision, and Contract Administration

Bringing clean water to an Ethiopian town.



Ethiopian Somali Regional State Water Resource Development Bureau


Godey Town, Ethiopia

Key Team Members

Norman Looker, P.Eng.

Project Story

Godey Town is located in eastern Ethiopia in the Somali Regional State, in the Godey Woreda and about 1,210 km from the capital city of Addis Ababa. The population of Godey Town is estimated to be approximately 140,000 in 2040.

The Town has an existing water supply system that provides very poor service in terms of quality, quantity, and sparse network coverage, and is thereby providing limited access to the population. The existing system draws the supply from the Wabe Shebelle River which flows about 3 km west of Godey Town and is deemed to be able to provide the yield that is required to meet the projected long-term needs of the Town. Alternative sources of water supply in the region are very limited.

Burnside was retained to review the previous design work that was prepared by others so as to complete a final set of design drawings and bid documents for the procurement of the construction contract to reconstruct a new water supply works in Godey Town. However, the previous designs were found to be incomplete and inadequate, and a completely new design had to be prepared for the supply, treatment, distribution, and storage components of the proposed works.

In addition, our team provided project management services, construction supervision, contract administration services, and technical inputs at all stages of the project. The end result is a water supply system that will meet the needs of the Town today and into the future.



Testimonial - Mohamed Abdi Harun

Client Testimonial

The Joint Venture [of] R.J. Burnside International Limited and MS Consultancy has performed to the complete satisfaction of the Somali Regional State Water Resources Development Bureau, having been responsive to our needs and requests and provided consistently sound professional services.

Mohamed Abdi Harun SRS Water Deputy Bureau Head
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Norman Looker, P.Eng.

Vice President, International Projects

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