Stromwater Pond

Park Stormwater Management Retrofit

Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority (LSRCA) was seeking a location in George R. Richardson Park, in the Town of Newmarket to retrofit a 150ha urban area lacking in stormwater management controls, with a stormwater management pond. The Park is home to several soccer fields, baseball diamonds and children’s play areas and is linked with walking trails and abuts the East Holland River that ultimately drains to Lake Simcoe.

Uncontrolled urban stormwater runoff carried phosphorus sediment and other contaminants downstream into the East Holland River and eventually into Lake Simcoe.

The solution was to develop a stormwater management pond with enhanced features. A red sand filter bed was installed under the soccer field to remove phosphorous to assist with goals of the Lake Simcoe Planning Act.

Phosphorus, sediment and other contaminants flowing downstream have been greatly reduced. Monitoring shows phosphorous being reduced by more than 80% providing a very viable means of meeting the target reduction for urban development. Trees and shrubs shade the pond, maintaining lower water temperatures to provide optimal fish habitat. The project involved the community with tree and shrub planting.

Services Provided

  • Preliminary Civil Design Including an EA Process
  • Contaminated Soils Remediation
  • Detailed Water Resources Design of By-pass Channel and SWM Pond
  • Rural Septic Design for the Red Sand Filter Bed
  • Construction Administration and Certification

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