Odor Impact on Proposed Development

Odour Impact on Proposed Development

Burnside was retained to complete an Environmental Assessment to measure the impact of a nearby wastewater treatment plant on the residents within a proposed new development located in the Town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario.

The air assessment included all potential on-site emission sources as well as an in-depth odour analysis. The odour assessment included the measurement of sources and accounted for historically elevated Spring emissions.

It was determined that the development be situated farther away from the wastewater treatment plant in order to meet the applicable criteria as set out in the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change D-2 guidelines.

Services Provided

  • Air Quality and Odour Assessment
  • Air Dispersion and Odour Modelling
  • On-Site Odour Sampling
  • D-2 Study


Odor Impact on Proposed Development

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