Red Lake, Ontario

Identifying Gold Ore Sources

Goldcorp, one of North America’s most profitable gold companies, boasts of its Red Lake gold mine in Ontario; a mine viewed by international gold companies as in “the land of giant gold deposits.” Goldcorp is actively searching for additional mining opportunities within their landholdings in the Red Lake area.

The services of Burnside and Ekwan Technology Corporation, in partnership with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS), were obtained in effort to identify future gold mineralization targets. Due to the vast and vegetated area to be covered, Burnside and Ekwan obtained and processed high spatial and spectral resolution hyperspectral data obtained from airborne sensors. Consequently additional gold ore sources in the staked Red Lake property of Goldcorp were identified.

Goldcorp, assisted by the hyperspectral sensing technology, is able to identify mineral compositions in high-density vegetated areas. Previously, this work was completed through costly and timely exploration ventures that disturbed the environment. Goldcorp now identifies gold ore concentrations through maps and then strategically directs the next mining targets. Consequently, both time and money is saved, as well as reducing the impact of exploratory mining operations on the natural environment of the Red Lake region.

Services Provided

  • Collection and Processing of Hyperspectral Data


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