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Burnside provided hydrogeological assessment services in support of the proposed development of a 25.6 ha parcel of land in Erin (Wellington County). 

A comprehensive assessment was required to understand the local hydrogeological conditions and determine groundwater considerations and constraints for building a new residential subdivision based on municipal water and onsite individual wastewater systems.  The development area is within the regulated area for Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and several wetland features are found on the site.  The Burnside team worked with the design engineers and ecologists to implement a groundwater and surface water monitoring program and determine the groundwater and surface water interactions at the various wetlands.  A feature-based water balance was required for the groundwater supported features and Burnside completed an analysis of groundwater contributions to wetlands using a flow net approach.  The flow net approach to the water balance calculations was accepted as a “model” approach by the CVC.  The Burnside team also worked on the determination of site suitability for individual onsite wastewater systems including completing a water quality assessment based on MECP Procedure D-5-4.

  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Groundwater/surface water interaction assessment
  • Feature based water balance
  • On-site wastewater system suitability assessment
  • Water quality assessment

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