Moving Up


The culture at Burnside is one about treating people with respect and compassion – that thinking goes a long way to creating an environment that people want to work in.

“When I worked for a Municipality directly, I didn’t like consultants. I didn’t see myself every working for a consultant. I found out that Burnside is different.”

“I have an open door policy – I believe that on taking that interruption, I can help someone else do their job better. If I they can get a result it makes them a lot more productive for the rest of the day.”

By setting examples, Burnside employees create the culture of a respect and collaboration that is felt throughout the organization.

Burnside offers employees the opportunity to move up within the same company instead of having to leap frog through various companies.

“When you look at the people in the senior roles at Burnside, they are quality people that know their stuff and they have gained all that experience by working solely at Burnside.”

“I have staff that have done complete job changes within the confines of one company – Burnside – I think is a very large benefit when choosing who you are going to build your career with.”

Burnside is moving up.


Dave Scomazzon, P.Eng.

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